Deborah Ferrari has masters the art of Nude Makeup

With the new rising trends of makeup, women are getting more aware and familiar with the new products compared to older days where the only source of information was a beauty parlor. Contrary to earlier days, the trend of makeup has changed, or as we can say, it has evolved and segregated. Now there is a different type of makeup for every occasion. When we say makeup, the first thing that comes to the mind is “Deborah Ferrari”. She is recognized as a style artist, beautician and even as a professional make-up artist.

Deborah Ferrari has specialized in Nude makeup, the trendiest makeup that is right now being ruling the whole world for its sheer natural look. Deborah Ferrari has been working with many renowned personalities including celebrities and models from years. According to her testimonials, her nude makeup is polished and beautiful to look at. She practically focuses on boosting the skin tone in real rather than applying layers of colors on faces. Her flawless makeup style although took time but are very hard to recognize in public that you are wearing make-up at all, it looks that natural!

The most appealing part of Deborah Ferrari Nude Make-up is that she is good with colors. With is a wizard of color and she freshly picks the right color that complements the skin tone of her clients. As a result, you look fresh for the whole day rather than appearing flaky and washed out.

Deborah Ferrari has taken part in numerous beauty campaign and been a part of a significant contribution. With Deborah Ferrari Nude Make-up collections, anyone can achieve a super cool, natural and fresh look. All her makeup collections are not comedogenic means it doesn’t clog skin pores or cause any breakouts. Moreover, all her products are made from natural resources and safe for use.

A glimpse into the makeup style of Deborah Ferrari:

According to her a honey and taupe color go great with fair skin while people with medium tone skin can go for tawny and caramel color and for dark skin, gold, chocolate and terra-cotta do wonder.

According to Deborah Ferrari, to sport a matte finished natural look, one doesn’t have to have a specified skin type. Whether you are dry, medium, sensitive or oily skinned, you still can dawn a subtle nude look.

Deborah always starts her makeup with a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation while applying heavy based foundation is overkill. On the same time, she also suggests makeup based on the facial structure of her clients. A good amount of blushers will bring up the volume on skinny cheekbones while a contour can make anyone appear slimmer. According to her, choosing shadow and blushers is an important part in Nude Makeup. Deborah Ferrari always suggests choosing the same color of shadow and blushers as they are part of a family and it is always recommended to choose at least a shade or two darker.