Deborah Ferrari as Nude Makeup Artist

If you are looking for natural makeup and flawless skin and want to look effortlessly beautiful then nude makeup is your ideal choice. Nude makeup is the minimalistic makeup style used to emphasize on your natural beauty and enhance it with using just the right amount of product. The world of fashion is now revolving around divas that are rocking the spotlight with nude makeup. Deborah Ferrari is the best makeup artist you can get in the field of nude makeup. Deborah Ferrari nude makeup products have risen to the popularity of late due to their refreshing look and use of natural ingredients.

Get the desired look

Cleansing is the primary step in a makeup routine. Remove all the chemicals and products from your face and prepare it for makeup ready. Apply a moisturizer to lock in the moisture after cleansing. Foundation can be avoided in nude makeup as it gives a cakey look. Indulge in a tinted moisturizer with peach color or a shade closer to your skin tone. Dab it evenly on the skin and let it blend all over the surface.
Highlighting eyes in nude makeup brings out them as best feature and make them pop with a gleam. Eyeliner and mascara are just the essential eye makeup to bring out the color of your eyes. Apply slight blush to cheeks to bring some color and emphasize the cheek bone. Finish off the nude makeup with lighter and earthy shades to lips and add a transparent lip gloss to give the shine.

Skilled professional

Deborah Ferrari has worked her way up in the fashion industry to the world of cinema by delivering exceptional makeovers from models to leading actors and actresses. She works magic with her brushes and brings out the best side in her clients. She endorses that natural skin tone should be highlighted to bring out the beauty and all her products are tested to be safe for use on skin. She is commended well for her line of profession and bagged many awards and accolades for her work.